Breathe energy, peace and tranquility into your everyday life, while increasing strength and flexibility. Yoga offers instant gratification and lasting transformation. Yoga brings focus and balance to the chaos of life, while also increasing muscle endurance, strength and flexibility. Every BODY can benefit from some type of yoga. By reinforcing the mind-body connections, you can protect yourself from injury and enjoy more than just a workout, but a healthier lifestyle.

Latest News:

Ready for a New Year's Resolution you can turn into a real goal?  Run a RACE!  We are kicking off our training group on January 2 for The Woodlands Half Marathon, Relay Marathon and 5k.  Coach Erin will be there every step of the way to get you across the finish line!  Click on the link below to sign up!

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$99 for one month includes:
-Goal Setting with one of our trainers
-Before/After Pics
-Whole 30 Nutrition Guidance
-Unlimited classes 7 days a week
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